Bot is more than a chat on the website

24/7 bot according to your scenario gathers the best leads. Replaces forms and pop-UPS of any complexity.


We’re interacting with chatbots day in and day out. These virtual assistants can accelerate every task they take on, from personalized support to lead generation, sales, onboarding, and more. And best of all – they’re not overly chatty (unlike some people).


Chatbots have personalities. They can learn like humans. They can have natural conversations with your customers. Our chatbot development services include building bots that can handle your mission-critical tasks, automate your business’ growth at low maintenance costs, yield higher ROIs, and integrate with your existing tools & systems seamlessly.

Chatbot development.

  • Multilingual Chatbots Through chatbot localization, businesses can efficiently overcome language barriers and expand their user base across demographics. A bot that can engage in personal, nuanced, and culturally-appropriate conversations in the user’s native language can quickly capture prospects and boost conversions.
  • Integrations Chatbot integration with channels (Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, etc.), backend system, and internal software draws all the different platforms under one huge umbrella of communication. This enables the bot to make natural, relatable, and contextual conversation, while fetching accurate information to derive business intelligence.
  • Analytics and Human Handover We’ve optimized bot effectiveness through powerful analytics tools and conversation metrics that help determine user behavior, intent, trends and engagement. Further, a bot can understand user expectations to know when to switch gears and transfer control to an agent through the human handover feature to address complex issues and escalations.
  • Natural Language Processing With advanced NLP expertise, our goal is to eliminate friction points in communication and achieve human-like linguistic prowess. A bot has the first responder advantage to represent the enterprise with conversational intelligence. Through AI, deep learning, machine learning, and linguistics, chatbots can recognize entities, and infer hidden intent and sentiment to give contextually relevant responses.
  • Consultation To determine the most viable solution, our advisory experts take a close up look at industry-specific use cases, application, and impact of chatbots for your business. By analyzing goals, user stories, technology, platform, and product roadmap; a solid chatbot strategy ensures optimal execution - right from conception and deliberation, to conversational flow visualization, developing a PoC, publishing, and maintenance of the bot.
  • Enhancement and Support Small changes can go a long way. By reviewing analytics, we take into account user expectations to improve conversational flow, Natural Language Processing, and domain-driven UX functionality to help the bot realize its optimum capabilities. Periodic maintenance, support, and updation ensure that your business makes use of the most streamlined, bug-free technology that works in all the desired execution environments.

Messaging into chats

Messaging into chats

Our Process
  1. Evaluate Use Cases. Our team analyzes the applicable use case, business objectives, target users, competition, and prospective market segment, to determine the implementation framework. 
  2. Conversation Flow Design. At this stage, our conversational experience designers step in to channel the voice of the business. They work in tandem with the development team to create a procedural flow of dialogue that determines tasks, bot personality, tone, and context of the conversation. 
  3. System Integration. After the conversation flow is formalized, our team enables seamless integration with other enterprise software (CRM, HRM, Payment Processors, Analytics tools, etc.), company knowledge bases, backend system, and target chatbot platforms in order to automate workflows and optimize bot functionality.
  4. Training. Chatbots are constantly evolving and learning. Much like humans, they can effectively self-learn under supervision through quality training data in order to fix errors, excel at personalized communication, discern user sentiment, and follow business processes with ease.
  5. Testing. In this phase, we rerun conversational flows, integrations and business scenarios through various test cases to achieve desired bot performance and bug-free implementation. Finally, user testing as well as application testing, is done, to cap the development process.
  6. Deployment. This is the release phase everyone is waiting for. The intelligent bot is deployed on the company’s preferred platforms and is ready to interact with users in the execution environment.
  7. Monitor and Optimize. Once published, the bot performance is monitored by analyzing conversation logs and usage insights to fix breakage points and reduce abandoned conversations. Analytics also help measure the bot’s ROI and run A/B tests to further optimize the use case, conversation flow and customer experience.

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