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Robot recruiter on the company website. It allows you to automate the selection of candidates and sends the generated applications for HR candidates to specialists

  • Chat bot for hiring employees with flexible configuration for the tasks of the company
  • Integration with popular software (1C, E-Staff, Potok) or CRM
  • Helps to receive more job applications from the company website
  • Chatbot improves the quality of applications from candidates - they enter the HR department already processed
  • Reduces the time spent by HR specialists on the collection and processing of requests from candidates
  • It selects candidates for various vacancies 24/7, answers questions about vacancies

Chat bot review

  • Using the chat bot, you can easily automate the communication process with new employees, notify them of the necessary actions at each stage of the trial period, conduct certification and provide information support
  • HR chatbot allows you to organize the exchange of data on the work of the chatbot with existing software (integration with 1C, E-Staff). Check Malanka managers for integration with your ecosystem

Replace old form interview

Tracking on the adaptation period

  • You can pre-configure events when the chat bot will initiate interaction with a new employee. This may be communication once every few days, at specified intervals, or after / before significant events (certification, training), etc.
  • For a group of employees mass mailings with useful information can be organized using the chat bot

Analytics and reports

In the control panel for HR specialists, data on the effectiveness of the chat bot is available. A convenient interface allows you to get statistics and summary reports with export to mail or mail

HR chatbot

    • Analytics by the number of communications *. A counter showing the number of interactions of employees with the chat bot, the depth of viewing dialogs, the time of each session, the number of hours worked by the chat bot for the period
    • Assessment of employee satisfaction *. Track performance scores of an adaptation program.

How to order development of a chat bot from Malanka?

    • Step 1 *: Leave a request for a consultation with the manager of Malanka.
    • Step 2 *: After clarifying the information, we will provide you with presentation materials and orientation
    • Step 3 *: We will provide you with a commercial proposal taking into account your tasks, as well as an economic justification for the development and implementation of the chat bot in your business processes.
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