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Implementation strategy chat bot for business

Want to consider with you the subject of the development of the implementation of a chat bot in the business. Where to start? If you are already eager to make your chatbot, but do not know where to start, I recommend using a step by step plan. I have prepared a few steps that will help you to competently implement a chatbot in your business.

Step 1. Definition of goals.

For any business, a chatbot is primarily a marketing tool. Before you spend resources on its development, give an answer to three questions:

  1. What is the main idea of a chatbot? For example, the niche of online English course. The idea of a chatbot may be that it would just communicate in spoken English with subscribers, help them to practice oral and written language skills.
  2. What particular tasks, the chat-bot will do? For example, to involve the audience, to keep its attention, to advise, to help in solving typical issues, to seek information, to entertain, etc.if you return to the example of language courses, here it can perform the function of involvement, training and increase brand loyalty. His task is simple: to conduct a dialogue with the person, to task and answer his questions, to correct mistakes and to set tasks.
  3. What is his place in the sales funnel? For example chat bot can work with leads. Those who signed up for a free Express English course. Bot with the task of accompanying a person and helping him to finish the course. With the help of the test, the bot determines the level of knowledge of the student and supports the appropriate options for his further training.

Step 2. The choice of platform.

What is important to remember when choosing an audience is the focus on the preference of your target audience. At the moment, the most promising platforms for doing business are: telegram, facebook messenger, vk and viber.

Step 3. The development of the bot's functionality.

Based on the goals and objectives that you have set for the chatbot, you need to write a script for the interaction of the bot with your user. Still work menu and templates answers.

Step 4. Choosing the right type of chatbot

In General, there are only two:

  • "Limited";
  • "Spontaneous."

"Limited" - act strictly within the given algorithm and answer only typical questions. Such bots are as smart as their programs allow.

"Self-developing" - such chatbots have the possibility of machine learning, which allows them to improve themselves in dialogue with a person, to memorize phrases and formulations of natural speech.

Messengers and chatbots are not so much a marketing trend, but a promising tool for making money. The fact is that people are gradually leaving social networks, where there is too much information noise. They choose a more personalized channels of communication such as instant messengers. And business should be done where the target audience goes.

Is it worth implementing a chatbot into your business / sales funnel now? Yes. But it is important to remember that the bot should be:

  • idea;
  • specific goal;
  • certain marketing tasks.

You need to understand how the bot will bring you customers, sales and as a result money.

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