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How to use chatbot for marketing goals (part 2)

3. The collection of information and Analytics chat bot

What else can you use a chatbot for? Collection of information and feedback from users. The bot can collect important data about customers, and then you analyze the incoming information and use it, for example, for qualitative segmentation of the target audience and the creation of a certain personalized content.

4. How else can you use chat-bots? - Training

A chatbot can be a good conversationalist as well as help your clients learn. This is especially true for the niche of educational products.

For example, the chat-bot Duolingo. This is a bot that gives tasks, checks their performance and monitors the progress of the student. Only while this bot exists only in the form of a mobile application, but a similar principle can be projected on absolutely any messenger.

5. Accept, registration and orders

It is enough for the buyer to send information about the order, and the bot, in turn, will transfer the application to the sales Department. Such bots-sellers are not uncommon in the delivery of food to your home - it is very popular.

6. Search for information on the specified parameters

This is a promising area of application of chatbots in E-commerce. Bots can issue currency rates, weather, flight schedules, search for products in online stores, cheap airline tickets, free hotel rooms and even profitable real estate on request.

For example, in Ebay there is a chat-bot in the telegram that for a second you will find the best deals for a product that will prompt the user.

Example 2. A similar bot is looking for products on Amazon.
Example 3. SkyScanner service bot. He's looking for flights. It is enough to specify:

  • cities: where, where;
  • specify the date of dispatch and return.
    The robot will select the best options based on this.

As you can see, there are many options for using chatbots. They really help to automate communication with your audience. And surely you already have such a reasonable question: can a chatbot replace a sales Manager?

Kind of. The bot can be used in a variety of schemes, including for sales. However, this is true only if the bot is embedded in an automatic sales funnel or interacts with a consumer who has already made a decision to buy. In other cases chatbot will never replace a good sales Manager because people buy from people. It is still a constant rule, an invariable rule. Customers want to be listened to and heard, to understand and respond to their requests, to help solve their problems. And now there are no technologies that can completely replace a living person. So do not rush to fire their sales managers - they will still be useful.

Next, I want to consider with you this topic: the introduction of a chatbot in the business. Where to start? Read the next article.

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