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About the advantages and disadvantages of a chatbot and how to use it in marketing

The advantage of the chat bot

Chatbots are a relatively new and non-hackneyed tool. It does not cause strong negative emotions, but rather attracts the attention of users.

The lack of chat bot

However, the chatbot has an important drawback. A certain part of the audience is not ready to interact with bots yet. They may just not be clear to some buyers, but it's all temporary.

How to use chatbots in marketing?

  1. As part of marketing communications, chatbots can be used, for example, to deliver useful content. The principle is as follows: with the help of the bot you make regular mailing of useful content to everyone who initiated a dialogue with the bot.

Example 1. Chat-bot public "Comedy club" is doing in Viber and receive notifications of new releases. The bot sends the transmission immediately after the release of them on TV.

Example 2. Chatbot Wall Street Journal can send you the latest news of the exchange rate, stock reports of large companies.

This is a great way to translate announcements of publications from overloaded to the eyeballs of the news feed in private messages.

  1. Also, the chatbot can be used for consulting and technical support of the client. Chatbots can solve typical questions and tasks of customers and provide them with information.

Example 1. The company "New mail" has created a simple bot that tracks data on the delivery of parcels or letters. This function is performed by the mobile application of this company, but the telegram bot is much more convenient for the user, for example, because you do not need to spend time installing it and constantly open this application (a lot of unnecessary actions).

Example 2. Bot consultant introduced a network of auto parts WOG PRIDE. From him can be to know:

  • actual fuel cost
  • the nearest petrol station
  • full information about registration and bonus card features
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