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Examples of using instant messengers when creating events

Why do we need chat in the messenger when creating an event?

Given that each event is organized not only so that participants can get new information, cases, materials, one of the key points at any educational event is NETWORKING. And in this case, if we introduce either Viber chat or Telegramm chat for networking, it helps very well, people begin to additionally communicate using chat. What's happening? They ask some questions, write to each other or speakers, look for their friends or common interests.

Participants communicate at the conference - during breaks, at coffee breaks. But in the chat, communication will go on throughout the event and perfectly complement offline communication m. At large events, such as:

  • summits
  • conferences
  • forums
    , you can create interest-based chats. The organizers immediately receive feedback and can take steps to rectify the situation. For example, someone did not like the queue for registration. Or a speaker who was somehow wrong or spoke poorly. Instant feedback is very valuable. The participants then thank the organizers for useful contacts. The important thing is that just turning on the chat and leaving will not work. It is necessary to prescribe the rules of communication, some general information about the conference, to engage in conversations. Then the chat will turn into a working tool.

What content can I do in the event chat?

I recommend making a simple bot that can solve a number of simple tasks. For instance,

1) show the program for the day
2) give information about the speakers and the details of the reports. Give this information a little wider than in the program.

All this is structured into rubrics so that you can see the map, set your own. That is, you click on the button - you see what this or that person is responsible for and how you can connect with him.

What more can you do?

1) You can evaluate speakers using the chat bot. 2) All channel subscribers can receive any notifications from the organizers through the bot. You can signal a person about the beginning of a conference or individual speeches, about changes in the program.

The main thing is not to overload the bot. Chatbot should be simple. Chatbot subscribers are another base and an opportunity to continue working with it.

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