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Overview of a chatbot for business

Let's start with a simple question: what is a chatbot? It is a program controlled by specified behavior algorithms or artificial intelligence with which the user interacts through a dialog mode.

What can the user do in contact with the bot?

The user can:

  • play games with bot
  • keep the conversation going and ask questions
  • used as an assistant

Bots-interlocutors are not a new phenomenon. Why now they have gained popularity in business? Why they turned from just a " toy " into a really working marketing tool.

According to a study by Business Insider last year, the monthly global audience of messengers exceeded the audience of social media. networks'. This suggests that by the end of 2018 they will become the main tools of communication online (Internet). Thus, messengers will replace the most popular social networks. That is, messengers will become the number one marketing channel, and chatbots will become a key tool for brand communication with the target audience.

What tasks do chatbots help businesses to solve now?

Today chat bots help business to solve three key tasks:

  1. They provide a touch of CA (target audience), as in the social. networks, and on personal territory-in messengers;
  2. Automate communication with subscribers, thereby improving the quality of customer service-most of the typical issues and routine operations can solve bot 24/7, and managers deal with atypical, complex situations;
  3. Chatbots help to improve customer experience, increase engagement and loyalty of the audience.
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